It is impossible to tell the story about the real estate company Akelius without mentioning its founder Roger Akelius.

When the entrepreneur Roger Akelius bought his first property 1994, his name was already well known. Hundreds of thousands of Swedes had read Rogers numerous bestsellers and learned about premium bonds, taxes and IT.

Roger Akelius grew up in Stora Mellby between Trollhättan and Alingsås. Eleven years old, he got his first summer job at a dairy. With his two first salaries he bought a camera and a tent. With his third salary he bought his first property – a summer cottage.

1968 Roger became Sweden’s first lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. When Roger realized there were no books in programming, he began to write his own textbooks. No publisher believed in the idea so Roger started up his own publishing house and gave out twenty popular books.

1974 his next book was published. It was about premium bonds and made the name Akelius known by the masses. The book became a major bestseller.

1978 thousands of people queued outside the Swedish National Debt Office to buy premium bonds. The Debt Office was now able to borrow large amounts at a low cost compared to borrowing in foreign currencies. Akelius started up a new company and could earn money to provide loans to those who bought. Roger Akelius was hired by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance to structure a corresponding system.

Akelius Tax, published in 1982, explained in a simple and personal way what ordinary people can do to legally reduce their taxes.1985 Akelius was the first in the world to sell tax filing programs.

1994 Roger bought his first properties in Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Trollhättan. He lay the foundation for the company that is the largest real estate company in Sweden today. Akelius owns 51 000 apartments in six countries. The property holdings amount SEK 68 billion. Roger Akelius has donated 90 per cent of the company to Akelius Foundation whose purpose is charity.

The history of Akelius

1994 The real estate company Akelius is founded. The first properties are bought in Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Trollhättan

2001 Acquires properties from Drott AB, property value SEK 3.7 billion.

2005 Issues a secured bond, EUR 257 million. The average spread above EURIBOR was 25 basis points. Rated by Moody’s and S&P.

2006 Enters Germany with acquisitions in Berlin. Starts privatizing on a massive scale in Sweden.

2007 Starts upgrading of apartments in Germany.

2008 First session of Akelius University. Acquisition of the Focus portfolio in Berlin and the Täby portfolio in Stockholm.

2009 Sells properties in Western Sweden to Apartment Bostad Väst AB. Roger Akelius donates his shares in Akelius Apartments Ltd to Akelius Foundation.

2010 Starts upgrading of apartments in Sweden.

2011 Sister companies start acquiring properties in Toronto and in London.

2012 Issues unsecured bonds in SEK. Sells properties in Västerås and Linköping to Willhem, sales price is SEK 1.6 billion.

2013 Acquires Apartment Bostad Väst AB and properties in Toronto from sister company.

2014 Enters Montreal and Paris. Acquires the Hugo Åberg portfolio in Malmö and two large portfolios in Berlin. Acquires property holdings in London from sister companies. Issues preference shares.

2015 Enters New York, Boston and Washington.